questions and answers


Eleanor Rigby

1. We are looking at the lonely people

2. She picks up the rice

3. There has been a wedding in the church

4. She lives in a dream

5. She waits at the window

6. She keeps her face in a jar by the door

7. We don't know

8. Where do they all come from. Where do they all belong

9. He is writing the words of a sermon

10.No one will hear it

11.He is darning his socks

12.No, there is nobody there

13.No, he doesn't care

14.She died in the church

15.She was buried along with her name

16.Nobody came

17.He is wiping the dirt from his hands

18.When he walks from the grave

19.No one was saved

Penny Lane

 1. He is showing photographs

2. Every head he's had the pleasure to know

3. They stop and say hello

4. A banker with a motorcar

5. They laugh at him behind his back

6. He never wears a mac in the pouring rain

7. Penny Lane is in his ears and his eyes

8. Beneath the blue suburban sky

9. He has an hourglass

10.Yes, in his pocket is a portrait of the Queen

11. He likes to keep his fire engine clean

12. Chips

13. In summer

14. Behind the shelter in the middle of a roundabout

15. She is selling poppies from a tray

16. No she feels as if she's in a play

17. He shaves another customer

18. The banker is sitting there, waiting for a trim

19. The fireman rushes in from the pouring rain

20. The banker never wears a mac in the pouring rain


1. No, all my troubles seemed so far away

2. Now it looks as though they're here to stay

3. I believe in yesterday

4. I'm not half the man I used to be

5. There's a shadow hanging over me

6. No it came suddenly

7. No, I don't know, she wouldn't say

8. I said something wrong

9. I long for yesterday

10.Love was such an easy game to play

11.Now I need a place to hide away.

Let it be

1. Mother Mary comes

2. She is speaking words of wisdom

3. She is standing right in front of him

4. She whispers

5. When the broken hearted people living in the world agree

6. There is still a chance that they will see (there will be an answer)

7. There is still a light that shines on him

8. To the sound of music

9. Mother Mary comes to him


Hey Jude

1. He shouldn't make it bad

2. He should make it better

3. To let her into his heart

4. Then he can start to make it better

5. He shouldn't be afraid

6. He was made to out and get her

7. Then he begins to make it better

8. He should refrain (stay calm)

9. The world

10.A fool

11.A little colder

12.Don't let me down

13.Now go and get her

14.He should remember to let her into his heart

15.Then he can start to make it better

16.He shouldn't make it bad

17.For someone to perform with

18.Yes, he'll do

19.The movement he needs

When I'm 64

1. You lose your hair

2. It's many years from now

3. a valentine, birthday greetings, bottle of wine

4. When he's been out till quarter to three

5. Will you still need me, will you still feed me

6. When I'm sixty - four

7. The girl

8. He says: I could stay with you

9. Mending a fuse when her lights have gone

10.She can knit a sweater

11.Go for a ride

12.Digging the weeds

13.Yes, who could ask for more

14.They can rent a cottage on the Isle of Wight

15.No, they must scrimp and save

16.On the knee

17. Vera, Chuck and Dave

18.A postcard

19.Her point of view

20.Wasting away

21.Mine forever more

paperback writer

1. He wrote to Dear sir or madam, the publisher

2. It took him years to write the book

3. It is based on a novel by a man named Lear


4. He needs a job

5. It's a dirty story of a dirty man

6. His clinging wife doesn't understand

7. He is working for the Daily Mail. It's a steady job

8. No, it's give or take a few

9. In a week or two

10.He can make it longer

11.No, the publisher can have the rights

12.It could make a million for him overnight

13.He can send it back

14.He needs a break

She's leaving home

1. Wednesday morning at five o'clock

2. Silently

3. She hoped that would say more

4. She goes downstairs to the kitchen

5. She is clutching her handkerchief

6. Quietly

7. When she is stepping outside

8. We gave her most of our lives
     Sacrificed most of our lives
     We gave her everything money could buy

9. She wasn't happy with her parents

10.Father snores

11.She gets into her dressing gown

12.She picks up the letter that's lying there

13.She's standing alone at the top of the stairs

14.She breaks down and cries to her husband

15.Daddy our baby is gone

16.Why would she treat us so thoughtlessly
     How could she do this to me

17.We never thought of ourselves
     Never a thought for ourselves
     We struggled hard all our lives to get by

18.Friday morning at nine o'clock

19.To keep the appointment she made

20.A man from the motor trade

21.No, what did we do that was wrong
     We didn't know it was wrong

22.Fun is the one thing that money can't buy

23.Something inside

All you need is love

1. There's nothing you can do that can't be done

2. There's nothing you can sing that can't be sung

3. You can learn how to play the game

4. No, it's easy

5. There's nothing you can make that can't be made

6. There's no one you can save that can't be saved

7. You can learn how to be you in time

8. All you need is love

9. There's nothing you can know that isn't known

10.There's nothing that you can see that isn't shown

11.Nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be.

yellow submarine

1. There lived a man who sailed to sea

2. He told us of his life in a yellow submarine

3. We sailed up to the sun

4. Till we found the sea of green

5. We lived beneath the waves

6. In our yellow submarine

7. We all live in a yellow submarine

8. Our friends are all on board

9. Many more of them live next door

10.The band begins to play

11.We live a life of ease

12.Everyone of us has all we need

13.The sky is blue

14.The sea is green

Norwegian wood

1. I once had a girl

2. She once had me

3. She showed me her room

4. Norwegian wood

5. She asked me to stay

6. She told me to sit anywhere

7. I looked around

8. I noticed there wasn't a chair

9. I sat on a rug

10.I was drinking her wine

11.We talked until two

12.She said 'it's time for bed'

13.She told me she worked in the morning

14.I told her I didn't

15.I crawled off to sleep in the bath

16.When I awoke I was alone

17.She had flown

18.Use your imagination


1. I need somebody

2. No, not just anybody

3. No, I never needed anybody's help

4. Now these days are gone

5. No, I'm not so self assured

6. I've changed my mind

7. I've opened up the doors

8. I'm feeling down

9. I do appreciate you being round

10.My feet

11.My life has changed in many ways

12.My independence seems to vanish in the haze

13.Every now and then I feel so insecure

14.I need you like I've never done before

In my life

1. There are places I remember

2. Some have changed

3. Some forever

4. Some have gone and some remain

5. They had their moments

6. With lovers and friends

7. Some are dead and some are living

8. I've loved them all

9. No one compares with you

10.The memories lose their meaning

11.When I think of love as something new

12.No, I'll never lose affection

13.I'll often stop and think about them

14.I love you more

I will

1. Who knows how long

2. He loves her still

3. Wait a lonely lifetime

4. He says: if I ever saw you

5. No, he didn't catch her name

6. No, it never really mattered

7. He will always feel the same

8. Forever and forever

9. He will love her with all his heart



12.When at last he finds her

13.Her song

14.So he can hear her

15.To be near her

16.The things she does

A hard day's night


1. It's been a hard day's night

2. I've been working like a dog

3. I should be sleeping like a log

4. The things that you do will make me feel alright

5. All day

6 To get you money to buy you things (mistake in lyrics)

7. To hear you say you're gonna give me everything

8. No, why on earth should I moan?

9. I feel okay

10.When I'm home, feeling you holding me tight