questions and answers


Penny Lane

1.  What is the barber (hairdresser) showing?

2.  What’s on the photos?

3.  What do all the people who pass the shop do?

4.  What’s on the corner?

5.  What do the little children do?

6.  What’s strange about the ba nker?

7.  How does the writer remember Penny Lane?

8.  Where does he sit?

9.  What does the fireman have?

10. Does he like the Queen?

11. What can you tell about his fire engine?

12. What would you usually buy in England? Fish and ..........

13. In which season is that?

14. Where is the pretty nurse?

15. What is she selling?

16. Or is she in a play?

17. What does the barber do now?

18. What is the banker doing now?

19. What does the fireman do now?

20. How was the pouring rain mentioned before?


1. Did you have any troubles yesterday?

2. How is the situation now?

3. What are your feelings about yesterday?

4. How do you suddenly feel?

5. What is hanging over you?

6. Were you prepared for this situation?

7. Do you  know why she went away? Why not?

8. What did you say?

9. What do you now long for?

10.How was love yesterday?

11.What do you now need?

Let it be

1. Who comes in times of trouble?

2. What kind of words does she speak?

3. Where is she in his hour of darkness?

4. In which soft form does she say the words of wisdom?

5. When will there be an answer?

6. What happens when they may be parted?

7. What happens when the night is cloudy?

8. What does he wake up to?

9. What happens then?

10. How would you translate 'let it be' in your language?

Hey Jude

1. What shouldn't Jude do?

2. What should he do with a sad song?

3. What should he remember?

4. What can he then start?


5. What shouldn't Jude be?

6. What was he made to do?

7. What happens when he lets her under his skin


8. What should he do when he feels the pain?

9. What shouldn't he carry upon his shoulders?

10.What is he when he plays it cool?

11.What is the world like then?

12.What shouldn't Jude do here?

13.What should he do now that he has found her?

14.What should he remember?

15.What can he start then?

16.What should Jude do here?

17.What is he waiting for?

18.Is he good enough?

19.What is on his shoulders?