questions and answers


When I'm 64

1. What happens when you get older

2. Will it happen soon?

3. What does he hope to receive then? 3 things

4. When would she lock the door?

5. What are the next two questions?

6. At what age?

7. Which person will be older too?

8. What could happen if she says the word?

9. He could be handy, doing what and when?

10.What can she do by the fireside?

11.What can they do on a Sunday morning

12.What could they be doing in the garden?

13.Are they happy with that?

14.What can they do every summer?

15.Will it be easy to pay for the holdidays?

16.Where will the grandchildren be?

17.What are their names?

18.What would he like to receive?

19.What would he expect to be written on it?

20.What must she indicate precisely?

21.What name does he give after Yours sincerely?

22.What answer does he expect in the form?

Paperback writer

1. Who did he write a letter to?

2. Was it easy to write the book?

3. What is the book about?

4. Why does he want to be a paperback writer?

5. What is the story about?

6. What do you know about his wife

7. Does his son have a good job?

8. Is it exactly a thousand pages?

9. When will he be writing even more pages?

10.What else is he prepared to do with the book?

11.Is it important for the writer to have the publishing rights?

12.What could it do for the publisher?

13.What happens if the publisher doesn't like the book?

14.But what does the paperback writer need?

She's leaving home

1.When does the girl leave home?

2. How does she close the bedroom door?

3. Why does she leave a note?

4. Where does she go?

5. What is she clutching?

6. How is she turning the backdoor key?

7. When is she free?

8. Are the parents happy about the way they raised her? give 3 reasons.

9. So how can she say she's been living alone for so many years?


10. What does father do?

11. What does mother get into?

12. What does she pick up?

13. Where is she standing?

14. What is her reaction?

15. What does she say to Daddy?

16. Which two things does she now say about their daughter?

17. Which three things do the parents now say about themselves?

18. When is the girl far away?

19. What is she waiting for?

20. What kind of man is she meeting?

21. Did the parents realize they did something wrong?

22. What is said about fun here?

23. What was always denied?

All you need is love

1. Is there anything that can't be done?

2. Is there anything that can't be sung?

3. What can you learn?

4. Is it difficult?

5. Is there anything that can't be made?

6. Is there anyone that can't be saved?

7. What can you learn?

8. But what do you need?

9. Is there anything that isn't known?

10. Is there anything that isn't shown?

11. Is there any place where you're not meant to be?