questions and answers


yellow submarine

1. Who lived in the town where you were born?

2. What did the man tell you about?

3. Where did you sail to?

4. Till when?

5. Where did you live?

6. What did you live in?

7. In what do you all live?

8. Who are on board?

9. Where do many more friends live?

10. What does the band do?

11. What kind of life do you live?

12. Do you need anything?

13. What colour is the sky?

14. What colour is the sea?

Norwegian wood

1. What did you have once?

2. Or what should you say?

3. What did she show you?

4. What kind of wood was used in her room?

5. What did she ask you?

6. What did she tell you?

7. Where did you look?

8. What did you notice?

9. So where did you sit?

10.What were you drinking?

11.How long did you talk?

12.What did she say then?

13.What else did she tell you?

14.What did you tell her?

15.What happened then?

16.What was the situation in the morning?

17.What had the girl done?

18.You lit a fire with Norwegian Wood. How does this compare with the first verse?

     No you didn't, did you?


1. Who do you need?

2. Anybody?

3. Did you need anybody's help when you were young?

4. What happened to those days?

5. Are you self assured?

6. What changed?

7. What have you opened?

8. How are you feeling?

9. What do you appreciate?

10. What would you like to get on the ground?

11. What happened to your life?

12. What happened to your independence?

13. How do you feel every now and then?

14. What do you know now?

In my life

1. What do you remember?

2. What happened to some places?

3. Was it forever?

4. Have these places gone?

5. What did all these places have?

6. With whom?

7. Are they dead?

8. Did you love them?

9. How do you compare your friends and lovers with the girl?

10. What about the memories?

11. When?

12. Will you lose affection for people and things that went before?

13. Will you still think about them?

14. Who do  you love more?