questions and answers


I will

1. Has he loved her a long time?

2. Does he love her now?

3. What will he do if she wants him to?

4. Has he ever seen this girl?

5. Does he know her name?

6. Is that important?

7. What will his feelings be?

8. How long will he love her?

9. How strong are his feelings?

10. Will he love her when they are together?

11. Will he love her when they are apart?

12. What happens at last?

13. What will fill the air?

14. Why should she sing it loud?

15. What will make that easy?

16. What endears her to him?

A hard day's night

1. What kind of night has it been?

2. How hard have you been working?

3. How should you be sleeping?

4. What happens when you get home?

5. How long do you work?

6. Why?

7. Why is it worth it?

8. Do you moan about anything?

9. What happens when you are alone with her?

10. When does everything seem to be right?